Monday, November 8, 2010

(Post) Apocalypse Now

Despite the bugs and sporadic crashes I'm really enjoying Fallout New Vegas. The worlds that both Bethesda, with Fallout 3, and Obsidian, with New Vegas, have brought to life are really fun to explore. New Vegas has a slightly different atmosphere than Fallout 3. The interplay between the different factions is cool and I love what they've done with Caesar's Legion; a faction of militant marauders who sweep across the wasteland killing or enslaving anyone they come across. From what I understand many of the employees at Obsidian formerly worked for Black Isle, who of course made the original Fallout and Fallout 2. Apparently Caesar's Legion was conceived back after Fallout 2 was released and they were going to be in Black Isles Fallout 3 but, of course, Black Isle closed before that could happen. It's kind of awesome that those guys are getting to use that material now in New Vegas. It's just a shame the game keeps crashing and I keep running into broken quests...

Whenever I play a game in a certain setting, such as Fallout's post apocalyptic world, I end up wanting more in a similar motif so I usually go to the old DVD collection to see what I can find. Here's my top 5 post apocalyptic films.

1. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior - Possibly the greatest Australian film ever made, a legend of the post apocalyptic genre. Mad Mel Gibson fighting for fuel out in the desert wasteland. Dark and dirty and great car scenes, don't need to say much more about this other than if you haven't seen it you really need to.

2. The Road
- I absolutely loved this book and I really liked the movie too. Cormack McCarthy's barren Central United States are among the bleakest settings I've ever seen and the film did a fairly good job of replicating the feeling of hopelessness. The story of the boy and his father wandering down the road, trying to reach the coast, in a dead world beset by marauding cannibals. A hard watch, especially if you're a dad (or mum), as the father (played perfectly by Viggo Mortensen) try's to shield his son from the horrors that surround them.

3. The Book of Eli - Denzel Washington traversing the wastelands of a desolate Earth and fighting with Garry Oldman and his goons over the last surviving copy of the bible. Some cool popcorn action scenes and Michael Gambon as a crazy old cannibal into the mix. Awesome stuff.

4. Waterworld - This movie seems to receive alot of ridicule I think because it's a Kevin Costner production and because it was a box office flop. I think you need to watch it for what it is. Sure, it pretty much is The Road Warrior on water, but I don't understand how anyone couldn't find this an entertaining watch. The plot; the Earth's polar icecaps are all melted and the surface of the planet is totally flooded, leaving the remnants of the human race to do battle upon the surface of the endless ocean and search for the mythical 'dry land' that is rumored to exist somewhere out there. Costner himself as the stoic lead and Dennis Hopper having a ball as the ridiculous bad guy.

5. Six String Samurai - A low budget gem sneaks in at my number five just for being so damn cool. The hero, Buddy (who looks suspiciously like Buddy Holly) traverses a post apocalyptic world with nothing but his six string and his samurai sword, on his way to 'Lost Vegas' the rock 'n roll capital of the future. This movie is all about having fun so don't take things seriously and you're in for a good time.

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