Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Funny robots

I've played alot of really great games since I first gripped an Atari 2600 joystick back when I was a nipper. I've had alot of amazing gaming experiences over the years. Finishing my first Sierra adventure game. Playing SNES fighting games long into the night with my mates. The Goldeneye years. The first time I polished off Ocarina of Time. The first time I sat down and played the original Half-Life. Taking down Diablo. Taking him down again. The infamous World of Warcraft addiction that twelve million other players around the world can relate to. There are some gaming moments that are so memorable that they cling so vividly in your mind.

It is, however, rare that I would call any game 'perfect'. Not matter how amazing a game is there are always flaws. No matter how slight, there are always those niggles that you wish you could change. I don't think I could name more than about three games that I would truly call 'ten out of ten' games. Valves latest release, Portal 2, is one game that I could, without a doubt in my mind, give a perfect ten. This game is pretty remarkable.

I played the original Portal, and of course loved it, but I was skeptical about the sequel. The word 'sequel' can leave a bad taste in your mouth with alot of games series. I guess I always just expect a sequel to not to live up to it's predecessor when the original game was so damn good. Portal 2 comes through in spades. I would seriously doubt that you could even find a bad review for this game online. Without going into specifics all you need to know about Portal 2 is that it's a first person puzzle game, it's has amazing physics and level/puzzle design and it's totally engrossing from start to finish. This is a game that you will find hard to stop playing until you see those end credits roll. And if the words 'puzzle game' turn you off, you need to think of Portal 2 in a different way. It's unlike anything else out there. The description of 'puzzle game' doesn't even really do the game justice. It needs it's own genre classification. Something like mind-f#cking, hilarious, sci-fi action adventure. In any case, if you're a gamer and you are reading this you need to go to the Steam store now and buy Portal 2, because it's made for you. No if's, what's or buts.

One thing that does need a special mention in Portal 2 is the writing and voice work. Stephen Merchant's performance as 'Wheatley', your soccer ball shaped, robotic guide has to be heard to be truly appreciated. He is bloody hilarious. It's such a genius piece of casting that I just had to throw something about it into this post. And, of course Glados' passive aggressive musings are even more entertaining than the first game. Portal 2. Go play the damn thing. You won't forget it.

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