Friday, March 11, 2011

Wow factor

I've been getting back into comics lately. I've been reading some of the classics. The Dark Knight Returns, Sandman, 1602, Arkham Asylum. All amazing stuff.

Then I decided to try the World of Warcraft comic series. I know that Blizzard's Warcraft lore isn't exactly Tolkein, but they have managed to create an interesting world and some cool characters, even if it is borrowing heavily from things like classic fantasy and Warhammer. Never the less I was interested in seeing what they had come up with storyline wise for the comic. Having read half a dozen issues all I can say is that it's pretty underwhelming. The dialogue is very 'Saturday morning cartoon', and the plot line is so rudimentary that it's inches away from being completely boring. I hate to say it but I've had quest lines in World of Warcraft itself that have been able to hold my interest better than the comic book series.

It isn't a total loss, however. It's got some really nice art. The main penciller, Ludo Lulaby, has an interesting look to his art. It's very stylized and borders the line into 'manga' territory but never crosses it completely. Jim Lee does the odd cover here and there, which is a thrill to see, being a huge fan of his run on the X-Men back in the early nineties. And, of course, Blizzard stalwart Samwize does some covers too, in his hand painted style, which is awesome.

I don't know if I will keep on with the series or move on to something else. If this is the quality of writing Blizzard is giving the green light then I'm glad I didn't waste the hours it would take to read one of their Warcraft novel series, and it makes me mighty worried about the forthcoming WoW movie.

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