Friday, October 29, 2010

A new Splinter Cell Conviction co-op mode

I'm always looking for something interesting to play co-op with my son and step-sons. Trent, my five year old, was into Lego Star Wars in a very big way for a while, Halo co-op was a blast for him once he got the hang of it and he's no longer content playing 'little brother mode' on Mario Galaxy 2, so the latest game we've been playing together is Splinter Cell Conviction. I was a little dubious beforehand, Splinter Cell being a fairly complex stealth game, but after a few rounds on hunter mode we are both having a blast. It is a very different game for me now. On your own hunter mode consists of skulking around in the shadows picking off heavily armed terrorists one by one, trying to avoid detection, but all of sudden Trent is thrown into the mix and suddenly aside from me and the 10 to 20 bad guys there is a KGB operative with mad cow disease running all over the map firing an automatic machine gun with careless abandon. Now I have a new goal; try and keep this schizophrenic Russian alive, while every bad guy in the level descends onto his position. Now I'm flanking firing squads that are filling the air with hot lead, trying to pop head shots into the guys that occasionally grab Trent and hold him at gunpoint, I'm stunning the half dozen guys that have surrounded Trent with an EMP and then racing to defribulate him before he kicks the bucket, all the while trying to avoid Trent's own grenades and sporadic gunfire. What, at first, I thought was going to be a fairly tiresome experience I am finding to be a blast. It gives the game a certain urgency that it didn't have before. I'm thinking perhaps Ubisoft could implement a mode like this so everyone can try it. They could call it 'protect the heavily armed NPC that has recently suffered a severe head injury mode', or maybe just 'mad cow disease mode' to keep it short.

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